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Charcuterie : the craft of salting, smoking, and curing
Charcuterie : the craft of salting, smoking, and curing
1st ed.
Publication Information:
New York : W.W. Norton, ©2005.
Physical Description:
320 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
Introduction: The reason for this food, this book : why we still love and need hand-preserved foods in the age of the refrigerator, the frozen dinner, Domino's pizza and the 24-hour grocery store -- Recipes for salt-cured food : salt : how the most powerful tool in your kitchen transforms the humble into the sublime -- Recipes for smoked food : smoke : the exotic seasoning -- Sausage : the power and the glory : animal fat, salt, and the pig come together in one of the oldest, divine-yet-humble, culinary creations known to humankind -- Recipes for dry-cured food : the artist and the sausage : techniques and recipes for individualistic, idiosyncratic and temperamental dry-cured meats -- Pâtés and terrines : the cinderella meat loaf -- The confit technique : fat : the perfect cooking environment -- Recipes to accompany charcuterie : sauces and condiments : not optional.
A comprehensive overview of "charcuterie", the craft of solting, smoking, and curing meat, describing the different preservation methods used, the unique flavors they create, and the many uses for these types of meat.
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