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The end of Harry Potter?
The end of Harry Potter?
1st U.S. ed.
Publication Information:
New York, NY : TOR, 2007.
Physical Description:
196 pages ; 21 cm
General Note:
"An unauthorized guide to the mysteries that remain"--Cover.

"A Tom Doherty Associates Book."
Introduction: what is all this? -- Harry Potter and the something of something -- The wheels of plot : Infodumps and McGuffins ; The problem of Slytherin ; Those awful orcs -- Guns on the wall : chocolate frog ; Pyrotechnics ; Magical misfires ; Putting back the clock ; Key to transport ; The Sulks ; Lumber room ; Enchanted gadgetry -- Logic: Seven green bottles -- Naming names : Who's who ; Wonders of Onomastics -- Smoke and mirrors : P-P-Poor stuttering Quirrell ; Chamber of horrors ; Black-hearted villainy ; When the Wolfbane blooms ; Goblet of deception ; The quickness of the hand ; The ivory gate ; Conjuror's cabinet -- Casting spells : The great spell register ; Silence is power ; Spellhacking -- Muggle studies : Magic and machines ; Meddling with memories ; Beasts and magical creatures -- Muddle at the ministry of magic : Misuse of magic ; Abuses of power ; The legal angle -- Awkward consequences : Mischief managed ; Lifting faces ; The curse of Scotland ; Backward, O time ; Cloak and dagger -- Shadows before : Forked tongue ; Seeing thoughts ; The mirror of dreams ; Spectres in general ; Black dog ; Killing grounds ; Weasel words ; Hands off ; Privy purposes ; Door to death ; Out of the closet ; In the cards ; The black hand ; Phoenix rising -- Pure-bloods and crosses : Pure-blood prejudice ; Wizard genetics -- Unfinished business : Harry's heritage ; Wormtail's debt ; Blood transfusion ; Werewolf cure? ; Taking Umbridge ; Yet another mirror ; Lost locket ; Several scars ; Albus and Severus.

The lives of Lord Voldemort : Heartless villains ; Counting down ; Secret keepers -- Slips and falls : Ascending and descending ; Assorted oddities ; Not so fast! -- Echoes from Outside : Schools ; The dead man's knock ; Maze ; Instruments of torture ; Patton animals ; Teleportation ; Tarot ; Collect the coupons -- These things shall be : In the stars ; In the tradition ; In her own words ; No comment -- The end of Harry Potter : The classic fantasy version ; Professor Trelawney predicts ; On the cutting-room floor ; The Parseltongue proclamation ; But seriously, now ... ; The ultimate secret -- Acknowledgments and thanks.
The publication of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the seventh and final Harry Potter novel, is probably the most eagerly anticipated event in the history of publishing. In this book, the author delves into the many mysteries that remain unsolved. Is Albus Dumbledore really dead? Whose side is Severus Snape really on? What are the remaining horcruxes, where He Who Shall Not Be Named has stashed his soul? Does Harry bear a part of the Dark Lord's soul in his scar, and is this why he understands Parseltongue?
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Imaginary organization) -- Miscellanea.

Wizards -- Miscellanea.

Magic -- Miscellanea.