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More Dr. Seuss and philosophy : additional hunches in bunches
Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield, [2018]
Physical Description:
xii, 275 pages ; 23 cm
Part I: Welcome! On beyond reason: Dr. Seuss and the romantic imagination / Glenn Jellenik -- Aristotle and the cat on fun that is funny / Dennis Knepp -- Part II: You! Aristotle and Eudaimonia: Oh, the virtues you'll do! / matthew Pierlott -- Did I ever tell you how stoic you are? / Benjamin Rider -- One must imagine Dr. Seuss happy: Existential freedom and the search for meaning in Happy Birthday to You! and I Had Trouble Getting to Solla Sollew / Elizabeth Butterfield -- Your ending is waiting: Seuss and Socrates on death and aging / Robert Main, Matthew Pierlott -- Dr. Seuss and Aristotle on the most important friendship of all / Sharon Kay -- Oart III: Them! It should be like taht!: egoism, philanthropy, and a virtuous elephant / Jacob M. Held -- Feeling as, feeling for, seeing what's right, and so much more: empathy, concern, and moral growth in Dr. Seuss / Jennifer L. McMahon -- Hearing Whos and minding others: care ethics in Dr. Seuss -- Janelle Pötzsch -- No kind of Sneetch is best: bigotry, dehumanization, and rehumanization in the stories of Dr. Seuss / Bertha Alvarez Manninen -- Part IV: US! Oh, the mistakes you'll make when you're free: coercion, power, and liberty in Dr. Seuss / Kevin Guilfoy -- State power and individual rights in Dr. Seuss / Aeon J. Skoble -- Failures of Kings Derwin and Yertle: authority, law, and civil disobedience for Didd to Sala-ma-Sond / Jacob M. Held -- Sneetches, the Zax, and Too Many Daves: Seuss's inclusive answer to diversity and difference / Timothy M. Dale, Joseph J. Foy -- Yooks and Zooks: the bread and butter of war. Epilogue: A simple answer / Jacob M. Held.
This collection of essays examines the wisdom of Dr. Seuss and the philosophical insights that his classic children's books hold for adults. Whether exploring morality, compassion, or conflict resolution, Dr. Seuss's works are a guide to living well, and being the best person you can be.
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