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Cover image for (Don't) call me crazy : 33 voices start the conversation about mental health
(Don't) call me crazy : 33 voices start the conversation about mental health
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Do not call me crazy

33 voices start the conversation about mental health


First edition.
Chapel Hill, North Carolina : Algonquin Young Readers, an imprint of Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, [2018]
Physical Description:
xi, 225 pages ; 23 cm
Chapter 1: What's "crazy"?. Defying definition / by Shaun David Hutchinson ; Defining the thing is the trick / by Ashley Holstrom ; What I know and what I don't know / by Dior Vargas ; What's, well, "crazy"? / by Sarah Hannah Gómez ; Being heard and hating sound / by Stephanie Kuehn ; I hate to interrupt this conversation about mental illness, but guess what -- I'm autistic / by Mike Jung ; Autistic authors who Mike Jung thinks are great / by Mike Jung -- Chapter 2: Where "crazy" meets culture. The devil inside / by Christine Heppermann ; 10 horror films about fear / by Stephanie Kuehn ; Manic pixie dream girl ["pixie dream" crossed out] / by S. Jae-Jones ; Constellation of scars / by Monique Bedard (Aura) ; Constellation of scars (art) / by Monique Bedard (Aura) ; Top 10 crazies in fiction / by S.E. Smith ; What we're born with ans what we pick up along the way / by Heidi Heilig ; Some of the things mania assures me I could totally be -- and wouldn't it be glorious? / by Heidi Heilig ; The alchemy of healing / by Emily Mayberry -- Chapter 3: The mind-body connection. Bless this mess / by Amy Reed ; Loosened associations / by Esmé Weijun Wang ; Meeting disorder / Jessica Tremaine ; I underwent cosmetic surgery for my body dysmorphia ... and I wish I hadn't / by Reid Ewing ; Flattened / by Susan Juby ; Dear 14-year-old MILCK / by MILCK -- Chapter 4: Beyond stress and sadness. Rituals / by Libba Bray ; The five people you overhear when depressed at a Van Gogh exhibit / by Emery Lord ; Mystic / by Gemma Correll ; Fighting the war on the home front / by Clint van Winkle ; Ways to say "anxiety" / by Esmé Weijun Wang ; The train of overthinking / by Gemma Correll ; Black hole / by Victoria "V.E." Schwab ; I'm over staying silent about depression / by Kristen Bell ; Telephone anxiety / by Gemma Correll ; Driver's ed / by Mary Isabel ; The pretender / by Lisa Jakub ; Compassion training: metta meditation / by Lisa Jakub -- Chapter 5: To be okay. Coda / by Meredith Russo ; Tearing feelings apart / by Yumi Sakugawa ; The light bulb, the broom, and the work they don't tell you about / by Kelly Jensen ; Happiness goes on / by Adam Silvera ; Survival mode / by Hannah Bae ; A witch's guide / by S. Zainab Williams ; Believe in yourself / by Nancy Kerrigan ; Call me crazy / by S.E. Smith ; Keep going / by Esmé Weijun Wang.
What does it mean to be crazy? Is using the word crazy offensive? What happens when such a label gets attached to your everyday experiences? In order to understand mental health, we need to talk openly about it. Because there's no single definition of crazy, there's no single experience that embodies it, and the word itself means different things -- wild? extreme? disturbed? passionate? -- to different people. (Don't) Call Me Crazy is a conversation starter and guide to better understanding how our mental health affects us every day. Thirty-three writers, athletes, and artists offer essays, lists, comics, and illustrations that explore their personal experiences with mental illness, how we do and do not talk about mental health, help for better understanding how every person's brain is wired differently, and what, exactly, might make someone crazy. If you've ever struggled with your mental health, or know someone who has, come on in, turn the pages, and let's get talking.
Reading Level:
Ages 14-18.

Grades 9-12.
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