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Cover image for The money class : learn to create your new American dream
The money class : learn to create your new American dream
The money class : learn to create your new American dream

1st ed.
Publication Information:
New York : Spiegel & Grau, 2011.
Physical Description:
xiv, 281 pages ; 25 cm
Class 1: The new American dream -- Class 2: Stand in your truth. Finding your truth: a personal financial accounting -- Living truthfully: how to stand tall in your reality -- The foundation of all truthful living: the power of cash -- Class 3: Family. How to build honest family relations -- How to raise young children to stand in the truth -- How to create a financially honest college strategy -- How to help adult children facing financial challenges -- The conversation every adult child should have with his or her parents -- Advice for grandparents: how to build a lasting legacy -- Class 4: Home. The truth about home values -- When it makes sense to rent -- The new rules of buying a home -- What to do if you are underwater -- How to reduce mortgage costs -- The dangers of home equity lines of credit -- Reverse mortgages -- Investing in real estate -- Class 5: Career. Advice for the employed -- Advice for the unemployed -- Starting (and running) your own business -- Class 6: Retirement planning: getting going in your 20s and 30s. Time is your greatest asset -- Retirement accounts explained -- How much you need to save for retirement -- Investing your retirement money -- Class 7: Retirement planning: fine-tuning it in your 40s and 50s. Deciding when it makes sense to pay off your mortgage -- Have a realistic plan for working until age 66-67 -- Delay your social security benefit -- Estimate your retirement income: how are you doing? -- Saving more, and investing strategies in your 50s -- Plan for long-term care costs -- Class 8: Living in retirement. Home finances: stand in the truth of what is affordable for you -- Coping with the high cost of healthcare in retirement -- Stick to a sustainable withdrawal rate -- Avoid long-term bonds and bond funds -- Earn higher yields by investing in dividend-paying ETFs and stocks -- Double-check your beneficiaries and must-have documents -- Class 9: The ultimate lesson.
Suze Orman, the woman millions of Americans have turned to for financial advice, delivers a master class on personal finance and teaches her readers that the "New American Dream" is not the things they accumulate, but the confidence that comes from knowing that which they've worked so hard for cannot be taken away from them.
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