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Cover image for Inside the human body. Vol 1. The digestive system
Inside the human body. Vol 1. The digestive system
Inside the human body. Vol 1. The digestive system
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Digestive system
San Francisco, Calif. : No Starch Press, [2013]
Physical Description:
176 pages : chiefly color illustrations ; 25 cm.
General Note:
Translated from the Korean.

Includes index.
Phoebe's visit: Our incredible bodies -- The good ship SS Hippocrates: Nutrients and our bodies -- Inside Phoebe's mouth: First stop, the mouth -- The right way to brush your teeth -- A 32-hour voyage: What's in your gullet? -- The terror of the stomach acid: What's a sphincter good for? -- Helicobacter pylori: A real belly full -- Pylori bacteria and ulcers -- Indigestion: An upset stomach -- Other common digestive problems -- Eructation and flatulence -- Party crasher at the duodenum: Small intestine, super absorber -- Geo vs. the parasites: Parasites inside the body -- Out of juice: Villi and folds of the small intestine -- Sensory cells in the small intestine -- The small intestine and diarrhea -- Into the large intestine!: Last stop, the large intestine -- Medical technology improves diagnoses -- Getting to know your health through feces -- The end...?
"This lively, full-color science comic explores Phoebe's insides after she accidentally swallows a microscopic ship. The only problem? Dr. Brain (the ship's eccentric inventor) and Phoebe's friend Geo are on board! Geo and Dr. Brain must avoid danger at every turn--like hazardous stomach acid and feeding parasites. (Ew!) Will they escape? You've got a front row seat as they travel through Phoebe's esophagus, stomach, and intestines."-- Excerpt of summary from book.
Reading Level:
Ages 8+
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